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Starting with $12,000 Joe was able to scale his account past $100,000 in the first 90 days working with us. Joe is now a real estate investor and has funneled his trading income into passive investments, reaching millionaire status.
Joe O'Connor
In one week, Chance was able to scale his account from $12,500 to $26,879.44. He used the emotional and discipline skills learned in the course to take consistently profitable trades. The result? $14,160 in one week.
"Best $400 I have ever spent!!!"
Chance Ogden
In just two weeks, Kay was able to grow her account $10,185.01 with the education provided in the HighStrike Trading School course. She grew her account 213% in two weeks with the strategies and discipline tools provided.
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Not only that... you also get access to:
  • Our master watchlist
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  • ​Our feasibility cone method to learn how to easily pick the best options contract to trade
  • ​Daily videos of what we're looking at trading that day and why
  • ​Bonus materials such as our master watchlist, trade trackers, chart pattern cheat sheets, and more
meet the master behind the Course
Ben Zogby
Hi, I’m Ben Zogby and I am the founder of HighStrike!
I started trading in 2016 during my career as a college wrestler. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much trading education available back then and I had a really tough time with the learning curve of the stock market. But I did so successfully. In 2018, I decided to create an educational course that included everything I needed when I was learning to trade.

Five years later, we have grown to over 10,000 members from 142 countries and have changed countless lives by sharing our trading knowledge and strategies. HighStrike is my life’s work! We have so much left to accomplish and we would love for YOU to be a part of that.
If you're ready to become a consistently profitable trader once and for all, click the button below to get started learning from our three 7-figure trading experts and trading psychology expert.
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